21 - 23 August, 2018

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Wind Digital Data Management Agenda

Wind Digital Data ManagementOptimising wind park assets using SCADA, LiDAR and advanced data management

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Challenges for data availability

Stefan Brune, Head of Business Development at ENERTRAG gave a presentation on last year's conference about challenges for data availability in terms of meter - monitor - optimise - outlook.Have a look at the presentation to gain a deeper understanding of all four aspects. 

MaiaEolis: Lidar & SCADA data analysis

In order to achieve desired production and revenue goals, wind farm operators must understand and manage the performance analysis of wind farms. This includes the overall performance of the technology, and the growing use of big data in wind power assets operations and maintenance. Lidar and SCADA are two systems...

Big Data for Big Efficiency Gains in Wind Energy

Renewable energy targets ensure an urgency in the wind industry as it grapples with rapid expansion. Wind energy will be expected to play a leading role in achieving those ambitions, but at the same time faces the challenge of lowering the levelized cost of energy.Data analysis is playing an increasing...

ENERCON - Energy System Change: Era of Feed-in Tariffs is coming to an end

Andreas Linder, Grid Integration & SCADA Sales by Enercon gave a presentation about system services by wind energy on last years Digital Data Integration and Management conference.Have a look at the presentation to get an overview of the following:System Change: Status Quo Regulation & projects, examples and rolemodelsThe Energy System: Centralised versus...

Presentation on Real Time Measurements of Wind Using Lidars

Expand your knowledge on this topic with this exclusive presentation by Torben Mikkelsen, Professor in Remote Sensing for Wind Energy, Department of Wind Energy at DTU in Denmark on the topic: "Real time measurements of wind using lidars".The presentation covers the following:Turbine controlTurbine wakesData basis for model comparisonDownload the full...


Fraunhofer IEE interview on data management and integration within the wind industry

Expand your knowledge on this topic with this exclusive interview by Dr.-Ing. Reinhard Mackensen, Head of Energy Informatics and Information Systems at Fraunhofer IEE in Germany.Download the full interview for free here.