25 - 27 October 2016
Dorint Park Hotel, Bremen, Germany

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Developing software for plant supervisory control

What is the value of developing internal software algorithms for specific projects? How to match the development process with project needs? Why is proprietary software development important? Find out answers to these and other questions in the following presentation.

Cyber security for Wind SCADA systems

A prominent expert from DNV GL company gives a technical overview on cyber security issues in the wind energy industry and proposes some approaches on how to tackle them. Download the presentation to learn more.

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Registration Form for 2nd International Conference Wind Data Management

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Data & Analytics: Taking Wind Power Into the Future

Currently, the wind power industry at the precipice of achieving highly automated and efficient operations. The groundwork is being laid to allow turbines to optimize themselves and talk to one another.

Condition monitoring and data security for wind energy

The rapid development of sensor and storage technology has enabled a dramatic increase in the volume of data being captured for condition monitoring. The challenges faced by the industry include the management and utilisation of this 'big data' to further improve efficiency.


CEZ Romania on SCADA for Wind Energy

Jan Jires, CEO from CEZ Romania, talks about challenges, most important developments and future perspectives for SCADA systems.

Maïa Eolis on Wind Power Data Systems

Olivier Coupiac and Nicolas Blanquart of Maïa Eolis speak in a joint interview about their work in the development of SCADA systems, a few weeks ahead of the upcoming conference on Digital Data Integration & Management.